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Pakistan’s Daily Security Briefs: May 4, 2015

The Pakistan Daily Security Briefs for May 4, 2015, have been compiled by Iqtidar Kahn, assistant editor of The Bureau of Investigative ReportingThey are made available at 4:00pm local time.

I include them here as this news most-likely will not be reported by US-based media. Information here have been collected by Kahn, including articles that have appeared in foreign press.

Enjoy reading the other side’s perspective, what is important to them, and about conflicts that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Editorial Snapshot

Polio watch: A three day polio campaign will begin in certain sensitive Union Councils (UCs) of Karachi from today. Fingers crossed for no casualties.

Senate, the upper house of parliament, to meet today:  The Senate session, which was summoned by the President last Thursday, is going to meet today at 16:00 hours local time.

It is likely that controversies pertaining to the Pak-China Economic Corridor (PCEC) – in which political parties from Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces are blaming the Punjab province of hijacking the route of the project – as well as Altaf Hussain’s remarks regarding the military, which the military spokesperson office referred to as “disgusting” in a statement, are going to be discussed. Altafs party, the MQM, later apologised for the comments however, the army has vowed legal action. 

Doha peace process: Representatives of the Kabul Government and Afghan Taliban met in Doha on Sunday to try and achieve some common understanding to end the 14 year war in Afghanistan. 

Members of Hizb-e-Islami and other Afghan political movements also participated and representatives from Pakistan reportedly also sat in the discussions that were held in Al-Khor, a seaside city to the North of Doha. 

The informal talks came even after the Afghan Taliban have launched a new summer offensive against the Afghan Government and as the two sides remained locked in a deadly battle in the Northern Afghan city of Kunduz.

All sides refrained from making any statement and it remained unclear whether the US backed peace dialogue was able to make any progress in ending the devastating war. 

The Afghan Taliban have in the past denied any peace talks and termed the exercise as an attendance in a world affairs event organized by the Pugwash Council.

The Qatar Foreign Ministry termed it as an “open discussion” between the two warring sides. 

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary supported “any formal or informal talks that lead to reconciliation in Afghanistan,” but refused to confirm if any Pakistani delegation was part of the talks.

India seeks UN intervention in Mumbai attacks case: According to the media reports that emerged during the weekend, India has sought the United Nations (UN) intervention in the release of Zaki-Ur-Rehman Lakhvi, the alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. 

The Indian representative to the UN, reportedly, wrote a letter to the chair of UN’s sanction committee, Jim McLay, saying that Lakhvi’s release by a Pakistani Court was in violation of UN resolution 1267 – a resolution dealing with designated entities and individuals involved in terrorist activities.

Pakistan has however blamed India for Lakhvi’s release. The Foreign Office Spokesperson said that “Inordinate delay in extending cooperation by India complicated the case and weakened the prosecution’s case,”.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), on other hand, has assured India that it would take up the issue in its next meeting. 

Yemen Crisis Watch
  • UN chief urges warring factions in Yemen to protect civilians.
  • Saudi-led coalition using cluster bombs in Yemen: HRW.
  • ‘Limited’ coalition force on ground in Aden: Yemeni official.

Afghanistan Peace Process Watch

          • Afghan delegation to meet Taliban in Qatar.
          • Progress towards peace talks unclear as Taliban, Afghan figures meet.
          • Pakistan supports ‘talks’ between Afghan govt, Taliban in Qatar: Aizaz Chaudhry.
          • Refusing to open India-Afghanistan road link, Pakistan asks for trade via Karachi port.

          India Watch

          • India seeks UN intervention on Lakhvi’s release.
          • UN assures taking up Lakhvi release issue at its next meeting.
          • Hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani wants to restrict Amarnath yatra to 30 days.
          • India welcomes UN assurance to take up Lakhvi release issue.
          • Pakistani flags waved at Hurriyat’s rally in Indian-held Kashmir.
          • ‘Modi under illusion, govt’s Pak policy lacks clarity
          • Waving Pak flags no crime, says Hurriyat.
          • Hizb-ul-Mujahideen militant pleads guilty.
          • Pakistan should not interfere in India’s internal matters: Rajnath.
          • Pakistan is behind agitations against composite townships for Kashmiri pandits.
          • Bhakti and Sufi: Uniting humanity in India and Pakistan.
          • Pakistan-India detente thru’ peoples contact.
          • Pak lodges protest with India over civilian’s death.
          • Indian inquiry board indicts coast guard official for admitting to blowing up Pakistani boat.
          • Crew of seized Pakistan ship received directions over satellite phones, says Police.

          • Pakistan, India urged to rethink NPT strategy.
          • Nepal will remember Pakistan’s efforts: Army Chief Gen Rana.
          • Senate to take up resolution on NAP today.
          • Bigger blowback from militants was feared, says minister.

          CT/Terror/Security Activity & Alerts

                  • Govt, army fulfilled promises made to Waziristan affectees: PM.
                  • TTP claims Karachi attack that killed DSP, two others.
                  • Policemen found part of assassins’ gang.
                  • Five Pakistanis killed in Riyadh building fire.
                  • Villager shot dead by BSF.
                  • At least 12 militants killed in Khyber airstrikes.
                  • Air strikes leave 44 dead.
                  • Army copter damaged after hitting barrier.
                  • Afghan families evicted from illegal camp.
                  • ‘Indecent haste’ brings ignominy to DCOs, DPOs.
                  • Action against seminaries in the garb of law to be resisted: Fazl.
                  • Sufi speaks out against TTP.
                  • 22 lynching suspects on physical remand.
                  • ATC remands suspect involved in murder of two PML-N workers.
                  • Iranian terrorist in Pakistan’s custody.
                  • Ensuring peace across country top priority, says PM.
                  • Rao Anwar escapes attack on life, five assailants killed.
                  • Lyari grenade attack: Brother of provincial minister killed.
                  • Mob lynches two killers of police officer.

                  Politics & Diplomacy
                  • Australian FM to visit Pakistan in May.
                  • US report assails Pakistan over state of ‘religious freedom’.
                  • Balochistan CM says not taken into confidence on Pak-China corridor.
                  • Economic corridor: ANP denounces change in route, calls APC.
                  • US keeps China, Pakistan and India on intellectual rights watch list.
                  • Pak-Iran border commission agrees to open four new trade points.
                  • Parties’ leaders to be briefed on PCEC.
                  • Nawaz welcomes Altaf Hussain’s apology.
                  • Altaf says he won’t quit MQM.
                  • BA adopts resolution against Altaf’s speech criticising army.
                  • China-Pakistan corridor: Prove claims of route change, challenges Iqbal.
                  • Investment can bring end to Balochistan woes: Malik.
                  • Altaf apologises for remarks about army.
                  • PTI wants Altaf’s speech referred to UK.

                  Interesting Reads

                  • Pakistanis see double standard in drone strikes (AP)
                  • Needed: a new foreign policy framework (Express)
                  • Shooting the messenger in Pakistan (Al-Jazeera)
                  • Behind bars (Dawn)
                  • After years of tension, anti-American sentiment ebbs in Pakistan (Washington Post)
                  • Pakistan urges Afghanistan’s Taliban to join in peace talks (VOA)
                  • Cohabitation (Dawn)
                  • Saying no to a Friend (Carnegie
                  • Pakistan and CIA’s drone programme (Express)
                  • City of Spies: Broken city (Financial Express)
                  • Smokers’ Corner: Eqbal Ahmed: the astute alarmist (Dawn)
                  • 4 years after bin Laden’s death, man who helped track him is in prison (McClatchy)
                  • Pakistan-China Economic Corridor: a cost-benefit analysis (Express)
                  • Modi govt seeks UN intervention in Lakhvi case: Is India barking up the wrong tree? (Firstpost)
                  • No free Chinese lunch (Dawn)
                  • Woman, moment, nation (Indian Express)
                  • Waiting for a miracle (Dawn)
                  • Fuel injection (The Economist)
                  • The tweet that prompted a thousand threats (Dawn)
                  • In Pakistan, a vaccinator’s resolve (UNICEF)
                  • Testing times for MQM (Dawn)

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