About Defense Daily

Military_Portrait__George_McGinn.jpgI am both an Army veteran and a journalist. My years in the US Army as a Combat Military Policeman (SRT) I not only grew an appreciation for military news, it was after I was out and a reporter that such news was not only appreciated, but necessary to insure our Democracy reamains a democarcy.

My attempts in the beginning was disasterous. I wanted to provide a site that collected all military news from everywhere, but technology either needed to do so, or I would have to invent it, or wait. I posted what and when I can, as my job as an investigative reporter and a beat reporter covering crime & courts (also included EMS and Fire) as well as a photojournalist, kept me very busy, and did a disservice to this endeavor.

Headshot__George_McGinn.jpgMy journalism career cut short to an illness and failed surgery, I still had the burning sensation to write and photograph, but my illness prevented it on any scale.

Now that technology has caught up with what I wanted to do, it has been started at http://www.dailydefensenews.org with news “as it happens.”

My work is not complete. I plan to add more feeds, and even foreign news articles reporting on all military world round.

And fair warning – to the boys in black suits – I still can shoot with the greatest of accuracy and from locations you’ll never find 🙂

In all seriousness, I do not plan to put classified information on this site. (go to http://www.examininglife.net for any news or commentary not welcome. Right now this was my first site where I experimented. Now I will be removing most of the news there and putting some that does belong there, and in the future I will start me column.)

If any classified info gets on here, please send me an email at gjmcginn@icloud.com or starting Oct. 12, send me a message to 9419280675).

I hope you enjoy the content and if you have questions or if you know of a source that I don’t have and you’d like to see here, email me at george.mcginn@gmail.com.

Collecting and producing this news is a labor of love for me. I ask for no money to support it, and I have my own server that I maintain which will eventually run this site. (The same goes for my Cosmology and Space Exploration blog.)

Also, we would like you to visit Spam Advisor website and leave us a positive comment. Although we are new, we are not into selling anything, nor are we providing false information. Our news comes directly from the agencies as they report it to us. Here, instead of clogging your email with hundreds of emails a day, we have the agencies send there news to us and all you need to do is search and read the articles that interest you.

During the past year we have averaged about 4,000 individual readers a day, so we must be doing something right. Our next task is to move this off the WordPress website and to clean up the posts and I am currently working on a program that will pull or more accurately detect categories and tags so they get populated when the stories get posted. 

I hope you enjoy this site for the rest of 2016, and in 2017 I have some surprises for you, such as adding additional countries to our news gathering feeds and if still available, we will make the CIA World Book and other such documents concerning human rights violations. 

Thanks for your trust in the news we collect.


George McGinn
former U.S. Army Military Police
1 Det. 42nd Military Police Company 


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