Department of Defense (DoD)

Navy Reserve Augment Unit (NRAU) CO/OIC Qualification Program Established

This govdelivery announces COMNAVRESFORINST 1412.2, Navy Reserve Augment Unit (NRAU) Commanding Officer (CO) and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Qualification Program, and the accompanying Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS), NAVEDTRA 43035. This qualification program is the product of Strategic Initiative 5.1.

COMNAVRESFORINST 1412.2 establishes a qualification process for Selected Reserve (SELRES) Officers for APPLY Board-selected “K” and “N” coded NRAU CO and OIC billets, aligning with CNO’s OPNAVINST 1412.14B command qualification process. NRAU CO/OIC billets selected via a separate formal selection board process are exempt from the requirements of COMNAVRESFORINST 1412.2. Operational (commissioned) Reserve Unit billets are subject to the procedures outlined in OPNAVINST 1412.14B.

Beginning with the FY18 APPLY Board, the NRAU CO/OIC Additional Qualification Designator (AQD) 2N1 will be a discriminator for officers seeking assignment to NRAU CO/OIC positions. The 2N1AQD is awarded upon the completion of the NAVEDTRA 43035 PQS and completion of a command qualification oral board.

Officers holding the 2D1, 2D2 or 2D3 AQD are deemed 2N1 qualified and no further action is required. Officers who have completed or are currently serving in a CO/OIC billet will be grandfathered. Commander, Navy Reserve Force N7 will request the 2N1 on their behalf based upon billet history in Inactive Duty Training (IDT)- Order Writer. At this time, no action is required by anyone eligible for the 2N1 AQD based on billet history.

NAVEDTRA 43035 PQS can be found on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) at Once logged onto NKO, select PQS under the Career Management tab and then select PQS 43000 Series from the left-side menu. The PQS and instruction can also be found on the CNRFC N7 sharepoint site at under the PQS tab.

Questions may be directed to CDR Brian Scopa at 757-322-6621 or

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